Isn't this just like any other networking group or conference?

No. We've deliberately designed this as the 'anti-conference.' Conferences are for the masses - restrictive agendas, crowded venues, hit and miss value of information and (more often then not) lousy food. The Dinner is small and intimate - a candid, productive discussion in an inspiring venue.

  What will we be talking about?

That will largely be up to you. You will have an oppurtunity to shape the planning of the discussion during your due diligence interview. A conference sets the agenda and asks you to attend. The Long Slow Dinner is inviting you to join and plan the discussion with us.

  Why a due dilligence interview?

We want to ensure the best possible discussion, so it's critical that we're intentional in getting the right people in the room. The success of the meeting will depend almost entirely on the inter-play among the participants.

  What do you mean by world-class thought leader?

We think a critical part of the experiance of the Dinner will be to include a sought-after speaker that commands top fees at conferences. The difference is this. We won't ask that person to deliver a speech. Rather, we'll ask him or her to sit at the table with us and engage us in an informal, productive discussion. We think that's more powerful, valuable and enjoyable.

  Where will the meetings be held?

We are exploring a variety of unique options that are consistent with the feel and approach to this kind of gathering. It will not be a standard conference room in a hotel. The venue may change from meeting to meeting, but we will never compromise our commitment to a quality and inspiring venue.

  Why are you limiting each Dinner to only 12 per group?

The candour and quality of the discussion requires enough participants to contribute meaningfully, but not so many that the conversation is limited. The 'long dinner table' has been our guiding analogy throughout. We don't envision more than 12 around the table at any one Dinner.

  What will make for a good "Dinner?"

We have three non-negotiable criteria for a successful gathering. First, we'll have the right people in the room engaging in authentic peer-to-peer brainstroming and reflection. Second, we'll have some meaningful conversations of personal discovery. Third, we'll commit to absolute exclusivity and confidentiality.

  Will I know any participants?

It's possible. We think most participants may not know each other well, but rather may know of the others. If you would prefer to participate in a group where you are not known to anyone else, that can easily be arranged.

   What's in it for the founders?

The idea for the Long Slow Dinner actually came from both of us asking the What's Next? question of ourselves. Building and implementing this idea - successful influencers coming together for transformative discussion - is our own answer.