The Dinner is our analogy for a comfortable, candid and productive conversation - one we're disappointed to see end.

  The right approach.

 Bring respected peers together to interact and engage.
 Provide enough facilitation to create conversations, while not stifling creativity or candour.
 Expose the group to world-class thought leaders that inspire provacative discussions.

  The right people.

 Membership by invitation only - a small group of the right people in the room.
 People of achievement, influence and integrity.
 A suggested profile of participants is here.

  The right touches.

 No formal agenda; it's your agenda
 No rigid time restrictions; it's a fluid conversation.
 No stale conference room; an inspiring venue with return chauffeured transportation.

  One meeting annually - Two nights, 1.5 days each
  'Concierge' model of stay- engaged options between meetings
  Confidential members e-forum